Need a quotation?

If within working hours, give us a call with as much information as you can and one of our experienced team will talk through the options with you and follow that up with a price that you can be assured is accurate, competitive and is tailor made to your requirements.

If you are looking for a price out of office hours, you can go to our contact us page where you can send an email to our sales team.

Please note that the more information that you can provide us with, the more accurately we can quote for you.

Before contacting us, please consider the environment in which your labels will be expected to work in – will they be exposed to any adverse conditions such as moisture, intensive light, friction or extremes of temperature? If so, please let us know as we want all of our labels to be fit for purpose as that makes our customers happy!

Quotation check list: (you don’t need all of this information, but the more comprehensive the enquiry, the better the chance of an accurate quotation first time).

Quantity required how many do you want?
Size please specify dimensions in millimetres where possible
Shape rectangle / square / circle / oval / special shape (please specify)
Number of colours we can produce anything from unprinted blank labels or printed with anything up to 8 colours.
Face material the print surface (semi gloss paper / vellum paper / direct thermal paper / white PP / clear PP / metallic / fluorescent etc.)
Adhesive depending on environment to be adhered to (permanent / peelable / freeze etc.)
Finish unvarnished / varnished (gloss / matt / thermal direct / thermal transfer) / laminated (gloss / matt / overprintable) etc.
Further options do you have any further requirements not mentioned above? Items such as reverse print on adhesive side / additional perforations etc.
Machine applied?

are the labels being applied by hand or using specialist machinery? If the latter, then we will need to have the following information prior to producing the labels. The following information is not necessary for quotation purposes, but is useful to know if available.

  • edge lead off the roll (narrow edge / wide edge / left / right / head / foot)
  • core size – central tube internal diameter (25mm / 38mm /40mm / 45mm / 50mm / 76mm)
  • labels per roll (or maximum roll diameter)
  • inside / outside wound